Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Music and Vegetables

On Monday evening, we got the distinct privilege of attending JP's very first band concert (and by concert, I mean that 55 woodwind instrumentalist were squawking in some semblence of unison for what seemed like at least six weeks!). I had to hide my dread of this event because, for Jordan, it was a HUGE DEAL. We curled her hair and everything! Luckily, we didn't waste our time because she was planted exactly on the BACK ROW...couldn't even see the top of her head! But, had the audience been able to see her hair, it did indeed look fab!

In other news...
Last night, Leigh and James came over for dinner (as this is our Tuesday tradition). Wes was grilling some scrumdeliosis food while Leigh and I were visiting in the living room. Emma came into the room at some point and said, "I thought tonight was Taco Tuesday!" Then, under her breath in an extremely bummed way..."cause I totally see brocolli and carrots in there." That girl is definitely my child!

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