Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red River, NM-Day 1

When given the choice between the beach and the mountains, everyone knows I'm going beach every time! Wes? Not so much. He's choosing mountains.

We typically leg wrestle every summer to decide where we will end up, but since Wes is becoming advanced in years and pulled his hammy last summer, he was gracious enough to plan a trip to both! (I kid.) He and I took a little trip to Cancun earlier this summer, so the family vacation, by default, was to the mountains!

In a rare turn of events, Wes decided last minute that we would break the trip up by stopping halfway to spend the night before making the rest of the trek to the mountains!

The only drawback to driving west in the afternoon is you get to look directly into the sun for about 3 hours! But, I must admit the sunset was pretty spectacular!

How travel has changed in the last thirty years! We didn't hear a peep out of the kids unless they needed a bathroom or a snack!
After spending the night in Amarillo, we crossed the border to the great state of New Mexico.

We made it to Red River around lunch, but it was too early to check into our cabin so Wes went to the grocery store and bought us some fried burritos from the deli, some hot fries, some Cheetos corn puffs, and some Dr. Pepper! A great start to what would be some mighty fine vacation cuisine!

Later that evening, a deer wandered into our campground. The owners had some deer corn and gave some to the kids so they could feed the deer. I have never in my life seen a deer eat our of your hand! The kids thought it was pretty cool!

To make up for our less than nutritious lunch, we made a "home cooked" meal for dinner! Here are the kids in our quaint little mountain cabin.
There are way too many pictures to share so I'm breaking it up into several posts and I'm telling you because you care!

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