Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red River, NM-Day 2

Emma had a school assignment to wake up early one morning and take a walk to see how many animals she could spot. What better place to see some unique animals than in the mountains?

So, bright and early day two, she, JP, and I ventured out filled with anticipation about the animals we would discover! We were hoping for elk, bears, deer, and hawks. We saw a crow, a duck, and a squirrel! That was it! I mean, seriously, we see those every day! What does a girl have to do to see a bear around here?
That afternoon, the kids played in the creek. Abbee, Emma, and JW used rocks to build a "bridge" so they could cross the creek without getting their feet wet. Because, clearly, they had a problem getting their feet wet!

They also relaxed on the non-operational ski lift!
Emma pondered what it meant to be Emma.
And, JP and I read books while watching the little guys play.

We had no agenda, so the kids (and the parents) were able to just kick back, play, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors! A pretty sweet way to spend your vacation if you ask me.

Well, that and spotting a bear!

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