Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Case of the Missing Christmas Eve PJ Picture

For some reason, though we had five different Christmas celebrations this year, I have very few pictures to prove it. Ok. So, I know the reason. I had my camera, I just didn't really use it.

* UGH.*

Here are some of the pictures (also known as the only pictures) I managed to snap Christmas Eve!

Of all the pictures I missed, I am saddest about missing our annual Christmas Eve Pajama picture!


I have NEVER forgotten to snap that picture.


Until this year.


No really. I'm crying right now.

I might just put the Christmas tree back up and have the kids reenact the moment for me.

Whatever. We all know I'm too lazy for that!

2010 will just have to be the year of the Christmas Eve picture that wasn't.

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