Monday, January 23, 2012

On getting up earlier...

For the first couple of weeks in January, I started slowly bumping the alarm clock back (I guess technically I started using an alarm clock again!). My intension was to ease myself into the hour earlier awakening to which I had so easily committed. I am a woman of great intensions!

Here's where it gets tricky.

I also began weaning myself off caffeine (because of the whole eating better thing).

And processed food (again with the eating better).

Processed food includes sugar (I miss sugar).

I've never claimed to be a person who thinks things completely through before diving in. By not being such person, I had ultimately created THE PERFECT STORM.

When the phone rang at 5:22 AM on my first "back to the real world" Monday morning, ROBBING ME OF 11 PRECIOUS MINUTES OF SLEEP, I jumped out of the bed and dashed to see who was calling because, clearly, a 5:22 AM phone call is NOT good news.

It was a wrong number.

So, day 1 of getting up earlier, no caffeine, and no processed is off to a wonderful start. Throw in the traffic on the way to TAFA this morning to the tune of a normal 20 minute jaunt taking 52 minutes, and my less than perky personality is making an appearance.

Needless to say, my intentionality is biting me in the butt.

So as of right now, I'm tired, I'm groggy, I'm irritable, and I have a TERRIBLE HEADACHE. The goal is to feel BETTER right?

I guess there's some wisdom to that whole ONE step at a time stuff. I may have to re-think this plan over some coffee and a Snicker bar!

Day 1: ROUGH

No where to go but up, right?

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